Hello, my name is Dmitry, (stage name - Dima Buks). I am based in Riga, Latvia. I work as a production designer, art director, and first assistant to the production designer. My main focus is music videos, but I also regularly participate in the filming of series, movies, and TV commercials for companies such as Rimi, Lidl, Neste, Zelta Zivtina, and others.
The main services I provide include constructing decorations of various complexities, finding or making props to individual customer orders, decorating locations, and full control over the work of the art department on the set.
My working principle involves skillfully assembling a professional team of decorators for the most effective departmental work. Together, we do everything necessary to achieve the desired result.
My strengths: initiative, full immersion in the work process, responsibility, and knowledge in many areas, allowing me to complete tasks with quality and within the set deadlines. Additionally, thanks to my education in economics and a 10 years of experience in logistics, I easily manage the financial aspect of the work.
My motto: there is no prop that cannot be found, no decoration that cannot be built.
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