For this series, our team started working two weeks before the start of filming. The most challenging task was to fully renovate a semi-abandoned house. In one of the rooms, we adorned the walls with homemade decorative bricks to give the aesthetics of American police stations, and we disguised a huge furnace as a cabinet. We completely renovated the second room and created a loft-style living space. The third room was divided into two parts to create a toilet in the police office and a bathroom for the living area.
My task was to solve all technical issues as directed by the production designer and director.
Behind-the-scenes can be viewed on my Instagram highlights.
Director: Vladislav Kovalyov
Producer: Lelde Kovalova
Executive producer: Vadim Zaikovsky
DOP: Toms Zarans
Production designer: Yuka Grand
Assistant art director: Dima Buks
Props on set: Elina
Art assistant: Edgars Utkins

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